5 Storage Options for Your Remodel

Home renovations can be exciting, and some are more stressful than others. One thing to consider is storage for your belongings during the remodel. Proper storage ensures your items are protected, and the workspace is clear to maximize efficiency. Let’s take a look at some home renovation storage options.

Existing Space

If you have a garage, attic, spare bedroom or basement, you may already have all the space you need to store additional items. This is the most convenient and affordable option as it doesn’t require rentals or transporting items between locations. Utilize labeled storage bins and rolling racks for maximum organization. Be sure to leave a clear path and put any items you may need front-and-center for easy access.

Friend or Family Member

Another affordable option is to ask around to see if anyone you know has a bit of space to offer. Perhaps a family member or nearby friend has a room or basement that could be used temporarily. Be sure to clarify timelines and expectations, and be respectful of their space when you need to access items in storage.

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Storage Unit

You can always opt to use a traditional storage facility. This is especially useful for larger items like furniture and appliances, or if you have to clear multiple rooms for the renovation. Storage units are great for long-term storage that is safe and secure. They do come at a cost, though, so check your local listings for prices in your area.

Mobile Storage Containers

A similar concept to the traditional storage units, mobile pods are like personal storage facilities in your driveway. These containers are delivered to your space and left temporarily, or removed and stored offsite to be brought back again when you are ready. Mobile storage pods are spacious, affordable solutions that will keep your items protected and organized.  

Just like if you were hiring movers or researching off-site storage options, you’ll want to investigate to find the best fit for you. Companies vary in unit size, cost and delivery options. Be sure to add extra wiggle room into your timeline to avoid extra fees. You will also need a heavy duty lock as well as any necessary permits for your town or homeowners association.

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Additional Tips

No matter what storage option best suits your needs, it is important to follow these tips for success. Sort your items according to what you may need to access during the renovation. Label all boxes and items clearly, including a list of all contents. Store items you may need in an accessible area, with seasonal items and furniture in the back. For safety and convenience, be sure items are stacked safely and leave a clear path for walking.

Once you have a plan for your storage, you can focus on the fun part of the remodel, like tile or marble?

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