5 Storage Options for Your Remodel

Home renovations can be exciting, and some are more stressful than others. One thing to consider is storage for your belongings during the remodel. Proper storage ensures your items are protected, and the workspace is clear to maximize efficiency. Let’s take a look at some home renovation storage options.

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Centers of Attention: Montavilla

If you had to guess which Portland neighborhood was recently voted one of the Top Ten to visit in the country, you would probably guess something like Division, or the Alphabet district, or Alberta Street. Those are all great Portland ‘hoods with plenty of dining, shopping, and people-watching opportunities. However, as a resident of nearby Roseway I can tell you that one of the most underrated neighborhoods in Portland is Montavilla.

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Getting Your Offer Accepted

With a market moving as fast as Portland’s it’s important to understand the home-buying process and be ready to make quick decisions in order to land your dream home. Making an offer on a home is a huge decision! Luckily, we are here to help you understand the fair market value of property and how make your offer compelling. Here are some quick tips to getting your offer accepted on a house you love.

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