Getting Your Offer Accepted

With a market moving as fast as Portland’s it’s important to understand the home-buying process and be ready to make quick decisions in order to land your dream home. Making an offer on a home is a huge decision! Luckily, we are here to help you understand the fair market value of property and how make your offer compelling. Here are some quick tips to getting your offer accepted on a house you love.

  1. First things first, meet with a lender and get a pre-approval letter that can boost your offer. Getting this out of the way will not only give the seller confidence in your offer closing in a sale, but also shortens the closing period! Our preferred lender, Jennifer Lee, can get this process started for you today and you can be ready to move forward quickly with your future home.
  2. Use a knowledgeable Realtor. It’s important your Realtor understands the current market and can advise you on a reasonable price and ensure your interests are protected. The Riley + Co team has years of experience in the Oregon market, and are strategic in writing competitive offers.
  3. Work fast! Demand is high in Portland and houses move very fast. We need to be ready to quickly write an offer in order to avoid missing a good opportunity.
  4. Lead with your best offer, letting the seller know you are serious. We are here to help you find the sweet spot to get the seller’s attention while protecting your investment.
  5. Write a personal letter to the seller.  Compliment specific details you liked about the property, and give the seller an idea of who you are.
  6. Put down a substantial earnest money deposit. This is your skin in the game -it puts confidence in your offer.
  7. Don’t ask for personal property such as refrigerators and other fixtures if they are not offered in the sale.
  8. Write a clean offer with as few contingencies as possible.
  9. Be sure your offer is complete with all necessary paperwork.
  10. Offer a closing period that is preferable to the seller. Being pre-approved with an experienced lender helps your offer close faster, which helps sweeten the deal.  Riley + Co brokers are able to coordinate the timing that works best for both you and the seller.

Our cooperative team of Realtors has years of experience in the Oregon market helping people just like you find the home of their dreams.



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